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Drug & Alcohol

The Company recognizes that alcohol, drugs or other substance abuse by employees will impair their ability to perform properly and will have serious adverse effects on the safety, efficiency and productivity of other employees and the Company as a whole. The Company’s Drug and Alcohol policy is based on OCIMF “Guidelines for the control of Drug and Alcohol onboard Ship” as well as the “Exxon Mobil Marine Environmental and Safety Criteria”. Any Customer’s Drug & Alcohol policies or local regulations if stricter shall be strictly adhered to where they exceed these instructions or guidelines. All vessels entering or operating in waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States must prohibit the consumption of all alcoholic beverages by the vessel personnel 24 hours prior to entering U.S. territorial waters. This ruling will remain in effect until the vessel clears the U.S. territorial waters.

All shipboard personnel will undergo Drug & Alcohol testing prior joining a vessel. During their service on board they will also be required to submit to unannounced periodic or random testing or when cause exists to suspect alcohol or drug use, including testing immediately after an incident. A positive test result or refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test is grounds for disciplinary action including termination.

Nobody onboard is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages (including beer) during working hours or when working overtime. The prohibition also applies to a period of four (4) hours prior to the start of work or watch duty. (Objective is to ensure blood alcohol content is theoretically zero prior to going on schedule duty).

No person whilst serving on board a vessel may consume amounts of alcohol equating to more than 3 units in the table below or have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.040% (40 mg/100ml blood) or greater.

Approximate Alcohol Unit Conversions:
Alcohol Alcohol Content by Vol. Volume Units
Beer and Lagers Extra Strength >4.0% <6.0% Alcohol 10 oz./ 30 cl. 2.5
Beer and Lagers: Ordinary Strength >1.0% <4.0% Alcohol 10 oz./ 30 cl. 1
Beer and Lagers: Low Alcohol >0.05% <1.0% Alcohol 10 oz / 30 cl. 0.5
Table Wines, Others >6.0% <12% Alcohol 10 cl 1.0
Table Wines, Others >6.0% <12% Alcohol 1 ltr Bottle 10.0
Sherry, Fortified Wines, Others >12% < 16% Alcohol 6 cl 1.0
Sherry, Fortified Wines, Others >12% < 16% Alcohol 1 ltr Bottle 16.0
Spirits, Liquor, Liqueurs, Others >16% < 40% Alcohol 1 oz /3 cl 1.0
Any other Low Alcohol Beverage >0.05% < 1.0% Alcohol 10 oz /30 cl 0.5

The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or un-prescribed controlled drugs is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any use of a controlled substance which causes or contributes to unsafe, unacceptable or unusual job performance is also prohibited. Full co operation will be given to public authorities in the criminal prosecution of anyone using, possessing or smuggling illegal drugs or drugs paraphernalia aboard the vessel. It is everybody's responsibility to immediately report violations to management onboard or ashore.

This policy will be prominently displayed onboard at conspicuous locations.

All vessels will be equipped with drug and alcohol testing kits and senior officers will be given training in the use of these kits as well as the testing and reporting procedure.


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