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The Company recognizes that the maritime operation of vessels in its managed fleet involves a risk to the environment. The Company is committed to minimizing such risks and making continuous efforts to improve environmental performance throughout its operations.

The Company’s policy is to

•   Comply with all applicable environmental laws
     and regulations and apply responsible
     standards where laws and regulations do not

•   Encourage concern and respect for the
     environment, emphasize every employee's
     responsibility in environmental performance, and
     foster appropriate operating practices and

•    Monitor the effectiveness of shipboard       environmental performance and related

•    Manage its business with the goal of zero
      incidents & zero spills and of controlling
      emissions and wastes to below harmful levels;

•    Respond quickly and effectively investigate       incidents resulting from its shipboard
      operations, in order to apply the lessons
      learnt for continuous improvement.

•    Zero tolerance of non compliance with MARPOL       regulations

•    Undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations
      of its operations to measure progress and to
      foster compliance with this policy.

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