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Safety & Quality

The Company is committed to achieving excellence in providing ship management services through clearly defined documentation that includes:
1. Vision & Mission statement (VMS)
2. Safety & Quality policy (SQP)
3. Drug and Alcohol policy (DAP)
4. Human resource & Health policy (HRHP)
5. Ethics Policy (EP)
6. Environment policy (ENVP)
7. Security policy (SP)
8. Quality & Safety Management System (QSMS) which is in compliance with ISM, ISO 9001 and other relevant rules, regulations and guidelines within the industry. It is designed to ensure safety at sea, prevention of injury or loss of lif, avoidance of damage to the environment and to property. It is to be reviewed at regular intervals to verify the overall effectiveness of the system in achieving stated objectives.

The Company in pursuant of its objectives will;
•    Provide for safe practices in ship operation and a       safe working environment.
•    Establish safeguards against all identified risks
      by adequate contingency planning.

•    Comply with mandatory rules and regulations
      and take into account the applicable codes,       guidelines and standards recommended by the       IMO, relevant Flag Administrations,
      Classification Societies and Maritime Industry       Organizations to improve the QSMS.

•    Place high priority on the safety, welfare and
      health of the personnel, the vessel and the

•    Keep personnel fully informed of any known       potential hazards that may affect themselves,
      the ship or the environment by transmittal of       pertinent information.

•    Provide qualified, medically fit and suitably       experienced seafarers with required
      certification for the trade of the vessel in
      accordance with the Flag State and STCW       requirements.

•    Continuously improve safety management
      skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships,       including preparing for emergencies related
      both to safety and environmental protection.

•    Identify and provide adequate resources and       training opportunities on board & ashore
•    Meet & even exceed customer expectations by       understanding their needs & accomplishing       realistic targets agreed with them.
•    Use preventive measures to avoid alcohol
      and drug abuse onboard through the
      Company’s D&A policy.

The responsibility for the quality of our ship management services rests with the General Manager. A Designated Person as per the requirements of the ISM Code sect.4 shall be appointed. He/she shall have direct access to the highest level of management which is the Managing Director.

The Company will communicate its’ commitment to Safety & Quality to our employees both onboard and ashore, as well as stake holders, suppliers, sub-contractors and other interested parties. We will solicit their input in meeting our S&Q goals and in turn will offer assistance to meet their goals.

The Master of every vessel has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with respect to safety of personnel and pollution prevention and to request for assistance including salvage assistance as per LOF terms as may be necessary. The above company policy is available to all interested parties and company personnel.


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