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Our ship management service combines the use of sound engineering principles and modern systems to achieve a healthy result that is not only cost efficient but more importantly, sustainable. Predictive maintenance systems and data analysis is used to optimize repairs and renewals without compromising on the overall efficiency of the machinery.

The key to sustainability in a ship’s performance and operating costs is the accuracy and the transparency of its budget predictions. At MTM a lot of time and effort is spent in getting this right from the word go. Close monitoring and analytical tools are then used to make the necessary corrections in a timely manner to arrive at the predicted result.

The philosophy of asset preservation is foremost in our minds and in conjunction with Owners’ requirements; a plan is drawn out for execution. As Managers we provide owners with the viable alternatives to choose from, always bearing in mind that operational reliability and Industry standards have to be met and even exceeded.

At MTM we respect the asset we manage and look after it as if it were our own.

On Tankers, approvals by Oil Majors are a key function and this is managed and monitored carefully through software developed in – house for this purpose. Vetting @ MTM is a 24/7 activity that is continuously honed to achieve perfection. The key to successful vetting is to have zero observations and in the event that an observation is given, to avoid any repetition of the same within the fleet. This is done through a thorough root cause analysis of all observations and long term corrective actions taken to eliminate the root cause. Close follow up of the corrective action ensures that it is properly implemented and has the desired effect.


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